Chances are you have had a recruiter reach out to you or you have sought after one at least once in your professional lifespan. Think back to that time. What do you remember from that experience? Was it positive? Negative?

Recruiters tend to get a bad reputation because there are plenty out there that do not have the candidates’ best interest in mind. So, what makes a bad recruiter?

A bad recruiter:

  • Asks you standard questions without trying to connect
  • Doesn’t listen
  • Has poor communication skills
  • Doesn’t ask enough questions about your goals
  • Doesn’t send you feedback or even a rejection letter
  • Doesn’t call you unless there’s something to report
  • Pushes you into taking a job you are not interested in
  • Doesn’t give you feedback after an interview
  • Isn’t honest with you
  • Keeps canceling meetups
  • Ignores your emails, calls or texts

If you have had any of these instances happen, you most likely did not have a positive experience working with a recruiter. So, the next question is, what exactly makes a good recruiter?

There are many qualities that make up a good recruiter, but trust is where it starts.

You have heard many times that trust isn’t freely given, it is earned. The same holds true in recruiting. As much as you need to trust your recruiter, they need to trust you as well.

If your recruiter is asking you detailed questions about your professional and personal aspirations/goals, chances are you are working with someone who is considering your values when finding you the right career. It all comes down to building relationships.

Many candidates fight to get to know a recruiter because they are either currently happy in their careers or have had too many recruiters reach out to them. Whether you are actively on the market searching for a job or you are satisfied with your current position, building a professional relationship with a recruiter is beneficial to the advancement of your career trajectory.

Once they get to know you, you are in their ecosystem. You may be happy today, but you do not want to just be getting to know a recruiter when you are desperately looking for your next position.

Although we understand that everyone’s specific situation is unique, there are most often five strong traits that signify a recruiter is trustworthy. At TheStaffed, our team aims high to ensure they’re delivering quality service to our candidates to give them the best possible job search experience.

Here are five signs to know you are working with a trustworthy recruiter:

1. Openly shares important details

The most trustworthy recruiters know being transparent about the job is essential in their recruiting process. What does that mean exactly? They give you the job title, description, duration, and salary without hesitation. If there is a concrete start date, they let you know that too.

A recruiter that takes the time to make sure you fully understand the job requirements and the culture of the company is one you can trust.

2. Stays in touch/leads you through the process

Think back to the last time you were looking for a job. It is overwhelming on your own! Recruiters know the job search is grueling and that candidates are anxious to get to work. This is why it is essential that they are communicating with you every step of the way.

You are not a number! Your recruiter should always stay in contact with you throughout the entire job search. Are they calling and updating you when they receive more information from hiring managers? Do they set up calls to prep you for interviews? Do they check in to see how you are feeling about the position you are applying to?

A good recruiter should inform you about all the details. If there is an issue, they invest their time to help you solve it. After a job interview, they give you feedback, helping build your confidence for your interviews with hiring managers. Effective communication makes a trustworthy recruiter.

3. Tries to get to know you

Good recruiters ask you questions about your experience and career path, what do you want to do next, and what do you expect from a company and a job. The more a recruiter wants to know about you, the better. This means they truly care about your future.

Further, they should know a lot about you before your initial form of contact. Your resume, LinkedIn profile or blog helps them get to know you before even talking to you. A trustworthy recruiter does their homework before contacting candidates about a possible job.

4. Speaks the truth

Honesty is the best policy and makes a trustworthy recruiter. At times, a recruiter may have to tell a candidate the job is not right for them or that there are multiple people being considered for the job.

After all, they know the client best and what they are looking for. It is important to trust that the recruiter has your best interest at heart and will find you something that is better suited for your personality and skills.

5. Builds long-term connections with candidates

Can you rely on your recruiter when making hiring decisions? A recruiter you trust should only send you relevant job offers. Just as other professionals in their perspective fields deliver advice based on their knowledge and expertise, great recruiters exhibit the same behavior.

Bad recruiters throw out your resume after the first rejection, but a trustworthy one stays in touch with you and lets you know about other jobs at their client organizations. If they don’t currently have an opening suitable for you, they keep you in their database for a time they do.

In conclusion, the most trustworthy recruiters know that submitting a candidate like you for a client opening isn’t a transaction, it’s the start of a relationship! Your career is more than one contract or position. So, building a relationship with your recruiter can prove valuable and rewarding. Some recruiters look at a one and done approach. That is not how TheStaffed does it. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you.

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